Group Classes

Full Facility Schedule June-Revised

Cost: $2.50/member, $5.00/non member

Class Descriptions

Aqua Yoga: Gentle and low impact, using intuitive movement, breathing and resistance exercises, as well as stretching and holding poses to teach our bodies to feel buoyant and comfortable.

Baby Beluga: For ages 4 months-3 years old, this class teaches students to be comfortable in and under the water using fun activities with a parent in the pool. Cost is $60 for members and $80 for non-members per eight-week session (once a week for 30 minutes). Please register at the front desk. Scholarships available.

Body Sculpt: Total body strength and tone class using a variety of free weights as well as body weight. Good class for intermediate levels, includes multi joint moves down to floor and back up.

Classic Strength: Class targeted towards seniors or anyone overcoming an injury or illness. Gentle and great for beginners, yet progresses nicely for added challenges. Builds strength of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and increases balance, flexibility and energy.

Community Water Aerobics: Exercises using the water as resistance to enable the student the benefit of weight lifting without added risk of strains and sprains on your body. This class is member lead with the use of an instructional video. Cost is FREE to members and daily rates for non-members.

Core & More: Geared towards all levels, working on upper and lower body as well as the CORE!

General Swim: Swimming at this time is open to people of all ages and under the supervision of a Lifeguard.  Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by an adult (adult must be in the same pool with children under age six). Members swim for free, and non-members pay daily rates. Non-members may rent a towel for $1.00.

It’s a HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. Intermediate to advanced level involves high heart rate and impact moves. SELF WARM UP PRIOR TO CLASS IS A MUST!

Kayak Night: Bring your own kayak or rent one of ours ($5/boat) and practice your skills in the safety and warmth of the pool (Please call ahead to reserve a boat, otherwise it is first come, first served). Instructors are available during this time for beginner and intermediate levels.

Kid Activity: While you are getting pumped up, burning calories or just need a breather, one of our instructors will be in the pool directing enjoyable and interactive kid activities ($2.50 for members, $5 for non-members).

Lap/Exercise & Open Kayak: During these times, the pool is divided into swimming lanes for your selfworkout pleasure. Workout equipment such as kick boards, hand paddles, and buoys are provided by our facility. During this time, families may utilize the open area outside of the lap lines and kayakers may utilize this area during open kayak time, while being respectful to the lap swimmers.

Mer/Dolphin Class: Swimming class with and without tails, underwater photography, relays and games! Muscle Rehab: Use of foam rollers for self-myofascial release. This is similar to deep tissue massage, great for tight muscles, ligaments and tendons. Safe to do before or after exercise (Class size is limited to 5).

Pool Rental/Specials: During this time, the pool is available to rent for exclusive use at $200/hour (includes a life guard). Contact the front desk for reservations.

Pump it Up!: Sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast! Focus on resistance workout training, low weight loads and high repetition movements.

SUP: Learn how to stand up, balance and paddle before summer gets here and you take it to the lake/river. Summer Swim League: Designed for students enrolled in stroke school (must be enrolled in both) to practice skills learned in session and build proficiency in all strokes ($50/month includes zoomers and swim team cap).

Swim Lessons/Stroke School: All ages and skill levels. $60 for members and $80 for non-members per eightweek session (once a week for 30-45 minutes). Private lessons available upon request. Please register at the front desk. Scholarships available.

Masters Workout: Learn to be more proficient, efficient, gain endurance and work on your swimming technique. Open to ages 15 and up who are comfortable swimming with their face in the water. Cost is FREE to members and daily rates for non-members. Vinyasa Flow: Coordinate movement with breath to flow from one yoga pose to the next.

Yoga: Mindfulness, body movement and postures, breathing exercises and more for total health and wellness.

Yoga Flow: Creating a flow using breath and body movement to bring you inside your body and into the present moment. Slow, gentle and peaceful movement.

Youth Yoga: Teaching children how to move their bodies and use their minds through games, breath work, poses, music and much more.

***Scholarships available for all programs*** Inquire about details at the front desk**