Float Your Boat

Float Your Boat (2)


The Southern Valley County Recreation District (SVCRD), and generous local donors, are making it possible for our local youth to earn their own kayak, stand-up paddle board or surf board! This program will be offered to provide an opportunity for 7th through 12th grade students, who live within the Southern Valley County District, to earn their own river equipment.

Kelly’s Whitewater Academy is inspiring young athletes to pick up a paddle and learn how to dominate the river.  This academy gives students the knowledge and ability to utilize one of Cascade’s main recreational attractions. The SVCRD organizes the Float Your Boat program that will allow participants to earn ownership of their own river equipment, through 60 hours of services rendered to their community.  These service projects will be organized and supervised by the SVCRD, with parental consent.  Successful completion of the Kelly’s Whitewater Academy is a pre-requisite for this program. This insures safety and ability on the river.  Once participants fulfill the 60 hour community service requirement and the completion of Kelly’s Whitewater Academy, the SVCRD will award participants their preferred equipment (Stand Up Paddle Board, Kayak, or River Surf Board) and safety equipment, at no cost to participants.  A special ceremony will be held to award the boats.